Increase winrate and get rid of errors that block your tournament winnings

Memorizing thousands of poker strategies is neither easy nor fun. That's why I created a tool that does it for you. Thanks to it you will play better, earn more and learn faster.

  • Each and every GTO strategy in one place

    With just two clicks, you can find the answer to almost any question about preflop strategy.

  • No more complicated tools

    We provide ready to use, convenient and fast solutions, as opposed to complex solvers.

  • You achieve quick profits

    You save a lot of time and effort and your winnings grow in front of your eyes.

  • Much faster and easier learning of preflop strategies

    This is the easiest and fastest way to increase your winrate.

  • You eliminate errors quickly

    A small preflop mistake turns into a huge error on the river. The application helps you quickly get rid of errors and apply the correct strategy that guarantees winnings.

  • No more tedious memorization of your strategy

    The application will do this tedious work for you. All you have to do is enjoy the game and plan what you will spend your winnings on.

When even the professionals are impressed,
it's got to be worth a try!

An application that does the hard work for you

All you need to do is enjoy the game and count your money

Did you know that over 46% of hands are played on a stack below 30bb, 27% below 20bb and over 16% below 15bb? Many of them end up preflop, often with a mistake without a good strategy. And it is the correct preflop strategy contained in this application that guarantees real winnings in accordance with Game Theory Optimal

  • Eliminate the most common mistakes

    They are committed by even the most advanced players. Get rid of them!

  • Scenarios - who would remember them?

    This is no longer a problem. You will get thousands of ready-made scenarios that you can use in the game and better plan your strategy.

  • Security

    You use an application that does not collect data, does not use your location, does not track you, does not require access to multimedia or your contacts. It is completely secure and provides you with full anonymity.

  • Preflop – isn’t it better to play with the flow?

    Lack of a plan is one of the most common mistakes of poker players. You should rethink your strategy before you start playing. Now the application will do it for you!

  • Each level of advancement

    It doesn't matter if you're new to poker or have been playing for many years. You can always play better and win more. The application will make it much easier for you at each and every level.

  • Ease of use above all

    This is a VBA application written in XLSM file. You do not need any special tools to use it, just Excel.


Do you know what preflop mistakes are most often made by players, losing thousands of dollars?


    • Playing without a specific plan;
    • Lack of positional awareness;
    • Playing too passively;
    • Playing too few hands from both the small and especially the big blind;
    • Too high or too low raise sizings;
    • Overestimation of favorite starting hands;
    • Poor use of positional advantage;
    • Incorrect limping;

There is much more to it. All this means that you either don’t win as much as you could, or even lose.

Now you will get solutions for thousands of scenarios. You will overcome all errors and obstacles and finally start winning real money! You will also save a lot of time when analyzing your game. All this and more without unnecessary risk.

When even the professionals are impressed,
it's got to be worth a try!

The poker world was impressed by the power of this tool and the possibilities it offers.

These are typical reactions after using our application.

When even the professionals are impressed,
it's got to be worth a try!

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    When even the professionals are impressed,
    it's got to be worth a try!


    What strategies does PreflopSolved use?

    The strategies we use were based on Game Theory Optimal solutions.

    How did you create those strategies?

    These strategies were created mainly using the poker solver - MONKER SOLVER (, used by High Stakes players, as well as HRC (

    Can I solve such strategies by myself?

    Theoretically you can. In practice, solving most of the simulations used here is not possible on a personal computer. To solve them you need powerful servers (up to 1024GB RAM) and a large amount of time (up to 2-3 weeks of continuous operation)

    Do I need any expensive software to run these solutions?

    No, Microsoft Excel and Windows operating system is all that you need.

    Are GTO simulations included with the tool?

    No, the .mkr files are not included.

    On how many PCs can I use the program?

    One license is assigned to one device.

    Will I get a discount by buying more licenses?

    Sure, see below: